COME2LIFE Comfort Kits are designed to help relieve anxiety and reduce self-harm.

Each kit is a small shoe box containing*:

  • Assistance cards for calming practices, reflection and distraction.

  • Mindfulness colouring book

  • Stress ball

  • Glitter timer

  • Playdoh or similar fidget

  • SMOOTH Lavender lotion bar from 1000 Kisses

  • Crayons and pens

    COME2LIFE Comfort Kits are free to individuals and at our cost to service organizations. We mail Comfort Kits around the world or drop them off locally.

To receive a COME2LIFE Comfort Kit send us a message via email, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Want to help an young person who is struggling? Consider contributing to our Comfort Kit GoFundMe.

*Actual boxes and items may differ from those represented in the picture.



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