COME2LIFE is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with communities and service providers to help youth navigate emotional health challenges.

We create spaces where every person, regardless of gender, race, belief, or any other differentiator may grow and flourish. 

We provide The Butterfly Effect Workshop, Pathways, a Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program, Dialogues Videos, Turning Points, a one-day emotional health conference, SafetyNet training for parents and caregivers, and free COME2LIFE Comfort Kits.



In the winter of 2016, Noreen and Brad were talking about the needs of young people. Noreen said that more needed to be done for youth mental health. Brad said, "I agree 100%! How can I help you make that happen?"
Noreen replied, "No, I mean I want you to do it." 
Brad then said, "Uh no. Let's do it together."


That began a journey that has included brainstorming, arguing, team building, a little more arguing, training and eventually our first workshop: The Butterfly Effect a youth emotional health workshop that helps young people discover help, hope, and healing when life is chaos.
Since then, the team has developed into COME2LIFE that presents The Butterfly Effect Workshop, Pathways, Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program, Dialogues Live Videos, and Turning Points emotional health conference.



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